Judith Cauley, CSJ


Judith Cauley, CSJ is a seeker of truth, a life-long learner, and an agent for conscious evolution in the worldview of Teilhard de Chardin.  She is committed to working with others to increase our capacity for mindfulness, creativity, and the mystical awareness needed to realize wholeness.  She wants to contribute her energy, insight, and cooperation toward fulfilling the River’s Edge mission in new and vital ways.

216.941.9389 | jcauley@csjoseph.org

I signed up to be a River’s Edge Board Member because it is a life-giving expression of the Mission of the Congregation of St. Joseph.  As a life-long learner and educator, I find River’s Edge to be the new frontier of education, opening up new horizons and pathways for us to find our place in the unfolding story of love in the expanding universe. It provides unique opportunities to integrate spirituality, science, and wholeness of life. I stay because I have found River’s Edge to be an oasis of hope in a cultural wasteland.  Most importantly, it is a seedbed for deep living, deep learning, and ongoing transformation.
— Judith Cauley, CSJ